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B.Sc. - Nuclear Medicine

B.Sc. - nuclear-medicine-courses-kerala-karnataka-tamilnadu

Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Medicine Technology is a four-year course that deals with the study of imaging of internal organs of the human body using radioactive isotopes. Nuclear medicine is a branch of medicine that uses radioactive tracers to diagnose and cure illness in patients.

Nuclear medicine, which includes molecular imaging, is a medical speciality that uses radioactive materials, both sealed and unsealed, to diagnose and treat a variety of illnesses. Nuclear medicine technicians are allied health professionals dedicated to using the art and expertise of their profession to maximize diagnostic assessment and therapy through the safe and effective use of radiopharmaceuticals and complementary medicines under the supervision of an authorized user.

It was extremely impossible to view soft tissues such as body muscles, intestines, blood vessels, and other interior organs using X-Ray without Nuclear Medicine Technology. The curriculum is aimed to provide students with multidisciplinary knowledge that will aid in their understanding of nuclear medicine principles and practical procedures. The program includes specialized training in the areas of nuclear medicine instrumentation, nuclear imaging, radiopharmacy, radiation protection, and research methodology.



  • Radiologist
  • Research Assistant
  • Associate & Lab Leader
  • Nuclear Medicine Technologist
  • Educator/Associate Professor
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