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A polytechnic college by definition is an institution offering Higher education in a wide spectrum of subjects which are predominantly technical in nature……A great majority of polytechnic colleges offer polytechnic diplomas and courses in vocational and technical subjects. It depends upon the individual & on how developed are his mental cannot give a general answer that this is harder than that. All courses are equal & hard or easy depends upon the student. Both are equivalent in terms of technical exposure.

 Salary for polytechnical courses:  Government Polytechnic salaries Employees earn an average of 18.5 lakhs, mostly ranging from 5.1 lakhs to 50.0 lakhs based.

Civil Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Automobile Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Computer Engineering
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Architectural Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Computer Hardware Engineering
Electronics & Communication Engineering
Instrumentation Engineering
Applied Science
Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
Instrumentation and Control Engineering
Marine Engineering
Tool and Die Engineering
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