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G.T.N. Arts College is a Government Aided and Self Supporting Institution founded in 1964 in Dindigul and is affiliated with Madurai Kamaraj University.

Famous in legend and history, Dindigul is an important town in Tamilnadu. Its climate is salubrious and a protected water supply adds a new dimension to this natural advantage. It is a first grade municipal town with a total population of more than two Lakhs. It is an important educational centre. There are many Higher Secondary Schools for boys and for girls in the town and other Higher Secondary Schools produce more than 2000 students eligible for admission to college course.

G.T. Narayanaswamy Naidu Charities Trust was formed in August 1963. The late G.T. Narayanaswamy Naidu's name is one to conjure with. As a stalwart industrial magnate, he radiated sweetness and light. His heart beat in tune with all noble causes. To do good was his religion. Endowed as he was with an unclouded vision and an unerring instinct, he rightly realized that in educational advancement alone lies the greatness of a nation. He was therefore anxious to start schools and colleges, so that Free India might have a perennial supply of scholars, administrators, industrialists and statesmen.

But it was an irony of fate that a person of such noble idealism and philanthropic zeal could not live long enough to realise his aspirations. To keep his memory green and to give substance to his ardent dream, his public spirited sons Mr. N.Soundarajan, Mr.S.Devaraj and Mr.N.Vinothan created the trust referred above. The trust is thus the outcome of the scintillating idealism of the worthy sons.

The objects of the Trust are, inter alia, to construct and maintain Schools, Colleges and other educational institutions to impart education in Arts, Science, Vocational and Technical Subjects, to construct, establish and maintain one or more polytechnic institutes for training young men in technical, scientific and other pursuits, to establish and maintain boarding houses and hostels for students studying in schools, colleges and other educational institutions without any motive of profit; to establish and maintain libraries and other reading rooms for the benefit of the public at large and to give grant-in­ aid to schools, colleges and other educational institutions which are deserving and in urgent need of financial help.

G.T.N. Arts college is the first creation of the Trust. The foundation stone of the College was laid on 20th January 1964 by the veteran statesman and ardent educationist, the Honorable Sri.M.Bakthavatsalam, the then Chief Minister of Government of Madras.
The college was formally inaugurated on 2nd July 1964.In the first year of inception, the college was affiliated to the University of Madras offering instruction in Pre-University only.

In 1965, the college grew in stature into first grade institution by securing affiliation from the University of Madras in B.A. Br.l.Histroy, Br.XII English Literature and B.Sc. Br.I Mathematics.
In April 1965, after the formation of the Madurai University, (Now Madurai Kamaraj University) our college was affiliated to the Madurai University for all courses and subjects which have already offered in this college. During 1967,construction of hostel blocks within the campus of the college was taken up and the hostel blocks were made available in June 1968.

In June 1971, further affiliation was granted by the Madurai University to start B.Sc. Special course in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Elements of Commerce as an optional subject was introduced at the P.U.C.Level in the same year. The special B.Sc. Courses were replaced by general B.Sc. Courses from the academic year 1972 - 73. A gymnasium building came up during the year. B.Com. Course was started in 1974 - 75.
Semester system of instruction and evaluation was introduced in the degree courses in 1976 - 77. B.A. (Eng.) was revived in 1979-80. College Humanities and Social Sciences Improvement Programme was sanctioned to the college by UGC for the period 1978 to 80. The College also enjoyed the fruits of College Sciences Improvement Programmes of UGC. M.Com. Course was introduced in the academic year 1985-86 and B.Sc. Zoology course in the academic year 1986-87. The college has become co-educational from the academic year 1986-87. Autonomy was conferred on the college in the academic year 1987-88 and was revived in the academic year 2017-2018.
Self finance stream was successfully launched in the year 2000 with B.Com and B.Com (CA) Courses. M.Sc. Chemistry was started in 2002. Based on demand, B.C.A. in 2003, B.Sc. (CS) and B.B.A. in 2005 were introduced. During 2006 B.Sc. ITand M.Sc (CS & IT) were included. In 2010, M.A. English was begun.In 2012, B.A. English was started.In 2013, B.A. Tamil and M.Com. were included.In 2015, B.Sc Chemistry,in 2016 M.A. Tamil, B.Sc. (Maths) and M.Sc. (Maths) were introduced.In 2017, Hotel Management and Catering Science and B.Sc Physical Education were started. Recently, in 2018, M.Sc. (Physics) has been started.
Research courses leading to Ph.D. in Chemistry and Commerce have also been started in 2003 . Certificate courses in Telugu and Gandhian Thought were introduced in 2004.In 2008-09 Choice Based Credit System was introduced as per Government directions in order to improve the quality of education and for better job opportunities. M.Phil. course is offered in Commerce, Chemistry and English.
Prof. T.Dhanakoty, M.A., was the founder Principal of the College. He retired in June 1970 and was succeeded by Capt. T.Murugaiyan. On his retirement in May 1979, he was succeeded by Prof. G.Shanmugasundaram. On his retirement in Oct. 1991, he was succeeded by Prof. S.Ramakrishnan. On his retirement in May 1998 he was succeeded by Prof.L.George Joseph. He retired in May 1999 and Prof. P.Jayaram was nominated as Principal-in-Charge up to 31-5-2000. Capt.G.Subramanian was appointed as Principal-in-Charge from 1-6- 2000 to 20-12-2000 and as Principal on permanent basis by the college committee with effect from 21-12-2000. On his retirement in May 2002, Thiru.R. Natarajan was appointed as Principal by the college committee w.e.f. 1-6-2002. On his retirement in May 2003, Dr.R.Vasudevan was appointed as Principal w.e.f.1-6-2003. On his retirement in May 2007, Dr.M.S.Dheenadayalan was appointed as Principal from 01-06-2007 to 31-01-2008. Prof.R.Rajaraman was nominated as Principal-in-charge till 31-05-2008. Dr. R.Alagarsamy was appointed as Principal w.e.f. 1-6- 2008 . On his retirement in May 2009, Dr. N. Markkandeyan was appointed as Principal w.e.f. 01-06-2009. He retired in May 2015 and Dr. N. Krishnamoorthy was appointed as Principal-in-charge from 01-06- 2015 to 22-07-2015. He was appointed as Principal on permanent basis w.e.f. 23rd July 2015. He retired in May 2018 and Dr. A. Venkatachalam was appointed as Principal w.e.f. 01st June 2018.

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